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Friday, December 16, 2005

Korean butcher who lived in Japan discards 29 heads of dog to channel.

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Korean butcher who lived in Japan discards 29 heads of dog to channel.

A woman who lived in Katsushika ward Tokyo call police because he find dog head in channel. The Korean butcher makes confession which he discards dog heads. The meats are shipped to Korean and China meat shop or Krean and Chinese restarant. The restrants server them to Korean and Chinese guest. And the Korean butcher mix the dog meat to other meat and sell them. Tje Koreans' butcher tended to sell the mashed head as a medicine.

Japanese doesn’t have a habit eating dog.

But Korean eat dogs.

Here is Japan, not Korea. Don't discard dog's head in Japan. If you want to discard them, you should discard them in Korea.

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  調べでは、男性は食肉用の犬の胴体と頭部を中国から輸入。精力剤などに使う頭部が売れ残ったため十月二十日ごろ、二度 に分けて自転車で運んで捨てたという。男性は「初めは有料ごみに出していたが、近所に苦情を言われて処理に困って捨てた。水路のコイのえさになると思っ た」と話しているという。



  • At 04 May, 2010 17:08, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Here a Japanese person states that Japanese do eat dogs and dolphins:

  • At 04 May, 2010 17:31, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I noticed that many of the links you provided and referenced are dead links. This makes me question the validity of your information in your posts.

    Also, your blog is titled "Topics in East Asia", but after perusing it, it appears to be "biased Japanese nationalist propaganda". There is not a single post where you make an honest criticism about your country, Japan. I'm sure Japan, like any other country, has faults as well as many positive aspects.

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