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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Japanese Foreign Minister Aso

Japanese Foreign Mister Aso make following remarks at lecture in Kanazawa Prefecture.

Korea appeals Japanese Prime Miniter's worship to Yasukuni shine make isolation of Japan.
But, Japan should not care their words.
Only China and South Korea criticize that the Japanese prime minister worships at Yasukuni Shrine. No other countries criticize the worship.

Actually, only China and South Korea critisize this remark. So, Mr. Aso's remark is proved. ;-P

See the picture.
Blue countries : worship to Yasukuni shrine officaly.
Red countries : dissent worhip to Yasukuni shrine officailly.
Red couties are only China and Koreas.
The rightness of Foreign Minister Aso's words was proved also here.

China and Koreas should not say Yasukuni's problem. It is domestic admiinistration.

Yasukuni shrine has a same aim to Arlington National Cemetery in US. I don't know why they criticize them. China and South korea says Class-A war criminals are in tha shrine.Do you know what is "Class-A", "Class-B" and "Class-C"?This class is NOT importance of criminal. It is just classification.

Class-A: Criminal for Peace.

Class-B: Common war crime

Class-C: crime against humanity

Before WWII, "Criminal for Peace" was NOT exesited. Wars were addmitted for last means of deplomacy at that time. Victory countries make "Criminal for Peace". This is ex post facto law. And It seems that they don't know concept of prescription.

Even if Class-A war crimanal people were guilt, they already assoiled their fault. Some of them got to the chair. The Counries ruled by law should not blame a criminal to the men who already assoiled thier fault.

And Class-A war criminals were killed at 1948. People's Repulic of China was estalished at 1949.
I don't understand why China accuse Class-A war criminals before their country's nation-building.

By the way, 20th cetunry is called "the century of wars". Before WWII, many europian countries and US had colonies in Asia. All Asian countries except Japan and ThaiLand were their colonies.If the Victory countries appeals "Crime for Peace", they also must have "Crime for Peace". Becase they maked war and colonized most of Asian countries.


Do you know that Vatican doesn't assume Yasukuni as relision institution?


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