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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Korea is only one. Korea is No.1(in Asia)

(1)Foreign Minister of USA gave following waring to the travelers.
South Korea - Consular Information Sheet
October 29, 1999
CRIME INFORMATION: Women should exercise caution when traveling alone in taxis,
especially at night, because there have been incidents reported involving unwanted
attention by taxi drivers towards unaccompanied female passengers.
Also, there have been occasional reports of the molestation and rape of foreigners.
It is only South Korea that the U.S. Ministry of Foreign Affairs is urging rape cautions.
(This caution is removed now.)

(2)And rape criminal incidence in Korea is 1st ranking in Asia and it is 3rd ranking in the world.


  • At 04 May, 2010 18:30, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I actually looked this up online to verify and didn't find any evidence:

    This link
    (, however, did state under
    "More rape statistics and woman abuse around the world":
    JAPAN, trafficking in women
    200,000 women forced..


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