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Friday, November 18, 2005

"Bugs in Fried Chicken" A man scatter crap

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"Bugs in Fried Chicken" A man scatter crap

Seoul Central District Attorney Prosection arrests Mr.Shin who scatters crap in the store. He craims a bug is in the fried chichen.
Mr.Shin find a bug when he eat fried chiken in the fried chiken shop in Soeul. He craims it to owner of the shop named Mr.Hon.
But, the owner doesn't apologize to him and they have angry words. Mr.Hon report to the police. Mr.Shin lade drap from lavatory which pools excretory subtance and cause a loss to 15 people in the store. Amount of loss is 3,500,000 won.
Most of loss is fee of cleaning. Cost of sweeping in the shop is 150,000 won.

(1 US dallar = 119 yen = 1190 won)


---- original text -------------
「フライドチキンの中から虫」 腹を立てた客が大便まく


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