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Monday, November 12, 2007

A Taiwanese said to Korean.

I remember one Korean media have said all asians are the descendant of Korea.
I remember one Korean have said English is improved indirectly from
Korean language.
I remember a professor of a Korean University have said my home country,
Taiwan, was the colony of Kogryo in the ancient time.
Well, if they think so, why can't they prove it?
And I like to ask them that if they hate Japan so much, then why dont
they break down
the aproximately 3000 schools built by Japanese? Why are they still
using the bridges,
buildings, and other constructions built by Japanese. In fact, those
constructions built
from taxes on Japanese people. But I guess koreans never be tought
about it. What if
Russians occupy the Korean Penisula instead of Japan? Would they have steped the
same way as Eastern Europe? Do Koreans know how the Ukiranians treated
during WWII? Well,
i can easily imagine that Koreans would hate me now.

Original is already deleted.

---- Japanese ----


  • At 04 May, 2010 17:20, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I noticed that many of the links you provided and referenced are dead links. This makes me question the validity of your information in your posts.

    Also, your blog is titled "Topics in East Asia", but after perusing it, it appears to be "biased Japanese nationalist propaganda". There is not a single post where you make an honest criticism about your country, Japan. I'm sure Japan, like any other country, has faults as well as many positive aspects.


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